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photoblog image WE THREE KINGS



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"We three kings from the Orient are, one in a tractor, two in a car, one on a scooter tooting his hoooooter, following yonder star........"

This reminds me of this song. Clearly there was a counting issue.

Nice dollies smile
Chris: As seen in a church Rob
Les rois mages sont déjà  de sortie.
Chris: Yes they are Martine - anticipating events..
Ils sont très beaux ces rois mage ..joli travail
Chris: Thank you kindly Claudine
There has been an outbreak of knitted angels in Droiters. They have been placed all around the town for people to collect. It has ben done by the local churches as a fun way to remind people what Christmas is really supposed to be about. We picked one up and gave it to our Helen to hang on her tree
Chris: I am all in favour of returning Christmas to its original meaning. The modern commercial hell this season has become is downright revolting. I found these wise men in a church somewhere last year and thought they looked pretty..
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 20 Dec 2018, 07:19
They are warmly wrapped up, but here the temperatures are extremely high (10degr. C). I like these dollies very much.
( Oh, I had such a knitted angel mentioned by Bill!)
Chris: I was impressed with these three wise persons when I encountered them in a church Philine
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Dec 2018, 07:29
Cleese: (In bowler hat, black jacket and pinstriped trousers) I look down on him (Indicates Barker) because I am upper-class.

Barker: (Pork-pie hat and raincoat) I look up to him (Cleese) because he is upper-class; but I look down on him (Corbett) because he is lower-class. I am middle-class

Corbett: (Cloth cap and muffler) I know my place. I look up to them both. But I don't look up to him (Barker) as much as I look up to him (Cleese), because he has got innate breeding.

Cleese: I have got innate breeding, but I have not got any money. So sometimes I look up (bends knees, does so) to him (Barker).

Barker: I still look up to him (Cleese) because although I have money, I am vulgar. But I am not as vulgar as him (Corbett) so I still look down on him (Corbett).

Corbett: I know my place. I look up to them both; but while I am poor, I am honest, industrious and trustworthy. Had I the inclination, I could look down on them. But I don't.

Barker: We all know our place, but what do we get out of it?

Cleese: I get a feeling of superiority over them.

Barker: I get a feeling of inferiority from him, (Cleese), but a feeling of superiority over him (Corbett).

Corbett: I get a pain in the back of my neck.
Chris: I remember, as if it was only yesterday..
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 20 Dec 2018, 08:00
You've been knitting again, Chris!
Chris: I know. I'll try to do something more useful in future..
  • Chad
  • Somewhere in deep space
  • 20 Dec 2018, 08:23
Ha ha how jolly Tiff.

I have porridge for ontbijte.
Chris: God stuff Chad!
Awww. How creatively done by the knitter, Chris.
Chris: I thought so too Ginnie..
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 20 Dec 2018, 09:56
This is wonderful, Chris. And I like what you said to Bill. In my mind it is now all about money and not the real thought about what Christmas is about.....this is a lot of creativity and I love the knitting work....
Chris: The original spirit of Christmas is becoming more difficult to find Astrid..
  • Richard Trim
  • Suffolk : Where the sun rises first in England
  • 20 Dec 2018, 12:06
I have good plain Scotts porridge every day of the year ...I eat at least 6 eggs a week ..plenty of unsalted nuts and pan-roasted seeds. Good amounts of fresh berries and also frozen summer berries.Natural yogurt to a lesser extent.
Chris: What on earth do you think I am, your personal dietitian??
The knitter used some very bright & colourful yarn to make these three kings, Chris. The result is quite pleasant.
Chris: Yes indeed Bev, I like them too
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Dec 2018, 14:45
I so agree with you and Bill, these days of commercialising Christmas ruin it.
Chris: Dreadful isn't it Anne. I try to ignore as much of the hype as possible..
Maureen would love these, she has a thing about Nativity figures.
Chris: I rather like these ones
  • Penny
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Dec 2018, 17:21
My breakfast ticks nearly all those boxes I'm glad to say, Chris.
I have blueberries and banana covered in kefir, which is like a sort of super-yoghurt that I make myself.
This is followed by egg in one form or another and the bread I have is seeded - are those close to nuts?
The added extras which may or may not be so good for me are sometimes bacon and sometimes maple syrup if I'm making French Toast.
I will also have a glass of orange juice.
Also, of course, there's the obligatory mug of proper coffee, without which my brain won't function!
Chris: Brilliant Penny. With any luck you will flourish for centuries, aided by all of this. I would cease to function without a pint of water followed by coffee first thing..
  • Penny
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Dec 2018, 17:22
I hope you knitted these yourself, Chris.
Chris: If only I was that dextrous..
excellent knitting Chris... they even have some hay on them from the Nativity Scene....petersmile
Chris: Yes indeed Peter, thank you
A fine bit of knitting!
Chris: Quite characterful I thought Tom..
I have made them out of glass so why not Yarn?

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