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photoblog image WHEN SUDDENLY..




Please comment on the picture and give a considered synopsis of the story.


Remarks will be marked out of ten.




Please comment on the picture and give a considered synopsis of the story.


Remarks will be marked out of ten.

comments (23)

This is a really intriguing photo, Chris, very Cartier Bresson...But I stopped doing exams when I retired...smile
Chris: Thank you for the compliment Frank

  • Penny
  • still here
  • 6 Oct 2014, 00:55
This is a rare demonstration of an advanced method of tooth extraction. There is actually a fine string going from the woman on the left's tooth to the aeroplane woman's right hand. At a certain moment the two characters beside the pillar will push at speed on the lady's left hand, thus spinning her round, pulling on the string and thereby extracting the tooth, which will fly over the head of the woman (or man?) seated at the front table (who is testing his or her new set of teeth) and land in one of the paper cups on the table.
This is known as the Corkscrew Method of Tooth Extraction and is highly effective, but has not been used for many years because the whole set-up is generally considered too complicated to arrange.
All that leather is there ready for the next demonstration, to be performed by the woman and baby on the right of the picture and entitled: "Smooth as a baby's bottom" or 'Nappies - the Right Way'.
Chris: Well what can I say..it's all so obvious to you Penny

this is am image just full of different plots Chris...
Penny covered them all...

the only thing that i would add it that the lady with her arms spread out is demonstrating how big the fish was that she caught...
i know because i used that stance a few timesgrin
Chris: I am obliged to you Peter

  • Astrid
  • .....somewhere in the States.....
  • 6 Oct 2014, 03:31
The lady says; Once I had two flees, and I wanted to be in the circus, so my act is that the flees jump from one hand to the other hand, over my head, and they wont even touch my hair. Okay, I will show you, here we go....one.....two...three.....JUMP....... erm.... where did they go.
Please lady, can you give my flees back........
Chris: Another brilliant synopsis Astrid

I think the cork screwed the leather...and she's now being "crucified" because of the scandal.
Chris: A remote possibility Ginnie 6/10
Look at me , I am a jet.Yesterday I was a cow .mooo.Monday morning I go back to my day job as an MP.
Chris: Aha - social satire enters the fray!

  • gutteridge
  • Where latitude and attitude meet
  • 6 Oct 2014, 08:44
She is not letting anyone go through to the toilet. She has been in there herself and wants the atmosphere to calm down a little.
Chris: This perhaps says more about yourself than my picture


See me
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 Oct 2014, 08:51
"I'm not paying to go into that gym". I'm going to stand here and do my exercise. Hopefully, by staring at the back of that women's head, she will feel my gaze and stopping stuffing her face."
Chris: This is a very moral interpretation

"I had a stuffed trout and it was this big."
Chris: Not bad..

Love the shot. There is so much to look at and imagine.

"I'm glad you're in plain clothes, Coppers, because this fellow is sly! He's recognize yas in a second. He nabbed the big sausage. It was the one we special ordered from Droitwich, drove hours through the rain to get it. It was this long. Smacked that kid in the mouth with it as he took off. We are waiting for the dentist."

"Can you describe the thief, Ma'am?"

"He was a well dressed, grey haired man and I see him around here all the time with his camera. I know now, he was stalking the place, waiting for when we brought the special Droitwich sausage. If ya get 'im, Coppers, pleas send him to Droitwich jail. They serve 'em sausages every meal down there."
Chris: Splendid!

  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 6 Oct 2014, 10:35
Prossies Union at a strike vote. The girl in the take-off position is explaining an attribute of some of her customers, as a reason for an increase. The baby, corkscrew and leather is a reminder to members about the safety measures they should take at all times.
The one picking her teeth on the left? Let me skip this one. The rest are just contemplating life in daylight time.
Chris: This is a splendid exposition Louis

  • Richard Trim
  • Suffolk: where the sun rises first in England
  • 6 Oct 2014, 10:37
My husband has one this big.

It's the pre molar that traps those bloody bits of nut

The lady eating the bun refuses to look at the lady showing off about the size her husband has

The couple standing have just discovered that apparently size is important
Chris: You are SEX OBSESSED boy - see me!

So we all stretched out our arms like the guru instructed and all was fine until the lady at the end accidentally touched some live electrical wiring
Chris: An interesting train of thought

  • Jennie
  • United States
  • 6 Oct 2014, 11:24
Young man at far left seems to be enjoying the last bit of lunch, while the woman in the forefront is trying out "hamster cheeks." Meanwhile, the woman with the outstretched arms is barring any refreshment beyond the area behind her. She might do better guarding those wonder leather creations from "leftovers." Toddler further is wondering how much longer he/she must wait to be "served." Your image has all kinds of possibilities, Chris. What's the real story? :o)
Chris: Splendid Jennie!

"There I was, practising my Tibetan ritual exercise in the privacy of my own room, when, suddenly there was some kind of space-time shift and I found myself gazing out on the street from the tables of a cafe on the pavement. I was being approached by two ladies in rather Victorian dress, who seemed slightly bewildered and everyone else at the cafe tables seemed to studiously ignoring us. Suddenly..."
Chris: I like this, you show real promise

Hey you lot of blind fools. You are never going to achieve Nirvana if you carry on in your illusory world stuffing your faces. I offer a take off demonstration into another dimension for a small sum and all I ask is that you bring a corkscrew which are available here.
Chris: A fine train of thought Janet

  • Penny
  • still here, now just a bit rainier
  • 6 Oct 2014, 13:03
Chris you should post a poser like this one every week to get our imaginations going - the comments are wonderful!
Chris: Oh Penny - is this apple for me? How lovely..

It looks like the hostess is running through safety procedure, as always, some think they know it all already, let's hope it does not end in tears.
Chris: A modern interpretation

The young couple are wanting to order a length of leather and the lady is demonstrating the length of the cow from which it will finally be taken.
Chris: A plausible explanation

  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 Oct 2014, 15:54
She is waiting in the wings to make a daring leap into the performance which is taking place off to the left. As she swings through the air held up by invisible wires cunningly controlled by the man sitting by the window, she will amaze the audience with her incredible leather bag juggling skills.
Chris: Mein Gott - brilliant!

  • gutteridge
  • where latitude and attitude meet
  • 6 Oct 2014, 18:40
I note that one has to be female to get 10/10.
I shall write to my M.P.
Chris: Hmm..is she a goer Chad??
  • gutteridge
  • where latitude and attitude meet
  • 6 Oct 2014, 18:41
I have thought of another one:-

Chris you should post a poser like this one every week to get our imaginations going - the comments are wonderful!
Chris: Whaddyamean!

This pic is amazing!
I could see Virginia Woolf just passing by with a small white umbrella.

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