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  • Ray
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • 26 Feb 2014, 02:11
I believe they are well on their way to solving the world's great issues, Chris.
Chris: By the time they'd got to the end of the street they had sorted out my complex & previously unfathomable life Ray
Sweet candid Chris!
Chris: A grab shot in the street Elizabeth
  • Ginnie
  • Netherlands
  • 26 Feb 2014, 06:55
How very touching, Chris. They clearly have stood the test of time together.
Chris: It certainly looks like it Ginnie
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 26 Feb 2014, 07:07
A serious moment captured
Chris: Very much so Vintage..
  • Lisl
  • Batheaston, England
  • 26 Feb 2014, 07:16
They look like close friends who have known each other for years
Chris: Maybe since long ago schooldays Lisl..
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 26 Feb 2014, 07:32
now also Black Wednesday? After four consecutive sunny days rain has returned today - but the Britons are hardier than us Krauts. I agree with Lisl!
Chris: The sun is shining here Philine: I intend to go to Beer in Devon
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 26 Feb 2014, 07:36
This looks very serious. I hope they will have some laughter too, in the small café where they end up, both with a hot coco.
Love the B&W. Great shot.
Chris: They might be putting the world to rights as they walk to the shops Astrid..
so anyway, I said to her, I said, they can't afford that on what he earns, I mean for a start the feathers get up your nose, I ask you, four and six a pound, and him with a wooden leg, I don't know how she puts up with it after all the trouble she's had with her you-know-what, anyway it was a white wedding much to everyone's surprise, of course they bought everything on the hire purchase, I think they ought to send them back where they came from, I mean you've got to be cruel to be kind so Mrs Harris said, so she said, she said, she said, the dead crab she said, she said. Well, her sister's gone to Rhodesia what with her womb and all, and her youngest, her youngest as thin as a filing cabinet, and the goldfish, the goldfish they've got whooping cough they keep spitting water all over their Bratbys, well, they do don't they, I mean you can't, can you, I mean they're not even married or anything, they're not even divorced, and he's in the KGB if you ask me, he says he's a tree surgeon but I don't like the sound of his liver, all that squeaking and banging every night till the small hours, his mother's been much better since she had her head off, yes she has, I said, don't you talk to me about bladders, I said...
Chris: I remember it well: ground breaking dialogue for its time
  • Gutteridge
  • Where latitude and aittitude meet
  • 26 Feb 2014, 08:42
Their faces make an interesting study Tiff, I can't imagine what they could be saying about you.
Chris: I expect their days of man watching are over Chad - but you never know..
  • Aussie
  • Australia
  • 26 Feb 2014, 09:36
Terrific shot of the 2 ladies in earnest conversation
Chris: What they were talking about was very earnest Aussie
They must have been oblivious to your camera, to get such natural expressions - a great candid Chris!
Chris: Thank you Martin: I try to retain a low profile
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 26 Feb 2014, 10:06
Very Samuel Beckett!
Chris: Ahh - thank you!
  • carreksmum
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Feb 2014, 10:19
Definitely a "don't look now but..." moment, Chris.
Chris: I couldn't resist these two Pauline
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Feb 2014, 10:58
I think Bill's "dialogue" sums this up nicely. Why is that some old ladies tie plastic bags over their head? Mind you, people have suggested that I should do the same.
Chris: That is a brilliant idea, you with plastic adornment over your regal high forehead
A fine shot Chris, I haven't seen a lady wearing one of those rain hats for yonks.
She's tied a nice looking bow for her rain hat, Chris. Judging by their expressions, their conversation is not of the light-bantering kind.
Chris: They still exist out there Brian
A nice chat is needed once in a while! lovely capture
Chris: Thank you Ronke, these two are obviously friends
Nice capture Chris. "Don't look now, but we are being followed by that man again'
Chris: Hahaha - hopefully they didn't see me
Sisters or best of friends....great to see
Chris: Thank you Shane
it's a nice candid shot of two close friends Chris... the tall one is the listener....petersmile
Chris: Thank you Peter
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 26 Feb 2014, 19:13
It certainly looks as if important information is being imparted
Chris: Vital stuff Anne
  • Richard T
  • Suffolk: where the sun rises first in England
  • 26 Feb 2014, 19:36
''Whatever you do don't smile .... We mustn't let on that we like him.''
Chris: You hear these words often yourself I wonder?
"Well, I'll tell you, I'm not going back there again!"
Chris: They are engrossed Tom
they are so engrossed in their conversation, they seem to be oblivious to your presence Chris
Chris: I am a mere shadow in the street Ayush
very good image Chris

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